The Reviews are In!

We are so excited when you share your experiences at GreenLeaf Solutions with others on Facebook, Google, and Yelp! They really make a big difference in so many ways. Here are just a few of our favorites (we love them all!) that we thought you’d love too.

Patrick recommended GreenLeaf Solutions on Facebook.

“Frances and Amber are super friendly and knowledgeable on the plants and products available in this entire field of medicine. I love their focus on wellness for the whole family, and really educating patients on the broad spectrum of benefits from cannabis.”

You are so right Patrick! Frances and Amber are amazing and we are very fortunate to have them helping patients at GreenLeaf Solutions!

Mahria Lynn Baughn wrote an extensive Facebook review and even took pictures and shared her review in other Facebook groups!


“The first thing I noticed was free snacks… 🤣 but then how extremely clean and nice everything was. They have it set up like a doctor’s office when you first go in and I really enjoyed that because it gave a lot of privacy for people who might feel uncomfortable asking questions!

The two women working were very knowledgeable and proud of their products, as they should be. When I started to ask a few questions about the flower they were able to pull out binder full of test results which is fun for me because im a weed nerd 🤓 but that can also help determine if something is right or wrong for you which is imperative for proper treatment! *recommend*

🌊Lost Coast OG🌊

This was without a doubt the smoothest Bud Ive ever smoked. I have a high tolerance and it allowed me to take large hits with no problem. I also have asthma and tend to be a dramatic “cougher” so this was was heavenly for me. I could definitely smell and taste the Lemon and Pine. I swear it almost tasted like sour candy.



🌲The pine you’ll smell is a great indicator of anti-inflammatory and mental clarity. Its also a natural bronchodilator which decreases resistance in the respiratory airway and increases airflow to the lungs

🍋The lemon/citrus you smell and taste is an indicator that it is going to effect your mood. It engages seratonin and dopamine so Brain, Bowels, and blood. If you struggle with mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sleep, sexual desire etc this could be for you and most importantly it aides in fighting breast cancer 💚💚💚”

Thank you so much Mahria for such an incredible review, and likewise for sharing it with so many! We know that patients will find this detailed review especially helpful.


Thelmas gave us a 5-Star Review on Google! That’s really cool, especially since this is coming from a “Level 7” Google Local Guide. We love the photos too! They’re already getting thousands of views!

“GreenLeaf Solutions sets the high bar for area dispensaries.
Fact: I would send my grandmother there, as well as my best stoner friend, haha. Both would have a great experience and walk out with exactly what they needed

What sets GreenLeaf apart:
• Super selection! So much of everything!
• All edibles are lab-tested for content/quality
• Flower – kept in perfect humidity-controlled environment
• Security screening is quick & friendly
• Staff is knowledgeable but not pushy

In my opinion, this is the *only* professional dispensary in the Bartlesville area.

– GreenLeaf sets the high standard when compared to other dispensaries in Oklahoma.


That’s exactly what we’re going for! We believe in great quality medicine and professional customer service. Thank you for recognizing this! It’s certainly appreciated.


John C. gave us a 5-Star Review on Yelp! We don’t have many reviews on Yelp yet, so we certainly appreciate this.

“I stopped by on my way home to find a reasonable vape to take home for the night. I chose the Sour Diesel made by Arcadia Brands and have been pleasantly happy with the pain relief. The two gals that helped with the sale were very helpful!”

We love hearing about your experiences at GreenLeaf Solutions. That’s why we created this little survey page with direct links to our pages on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. So please leave us a review the next time that you come in! Take lots of pictures. We love those too!