We take enormous pride in our meticulously chosen and expertly grown cannabis products. That pride went through the roof when our growers Emerald Wholesale took 1st place for Hybrid Flower and 2nd place for Indica Flower at the Oklahoma High Times Cannabis Cup in August. Furthermore, our partners Diamond Labs with Head of Honey took 3rd place for Indica Concentrate. High Times announced that it received a record number of entries for Oklahoma’s first-ever Cannabis Cup. The competition featured over 460 entries from nearly 150 brands and we are beyond thrilled that our partners took home 3 trophies.

The win came after months of diligent preparation. A lot of love and energy went into these plants and the growers were thoroughly rewarded when that labor was acknowledged by the most well-known, globally recognized brand in cannabis.

“We are so happy to see the Oklahoma cannabis community come out to support our first event in the state. This is already one of our biggest competitions yet,” Kraig Fox, CEO of High Times said of the event.

It was quickly apparent to those in attendance that High Times had not adequately prepared for the mind-boggling turnout at the Cannabis Cup. “The line is over a mile long. We got to the back of it and we saw a lot of happy people. Everyone’s medicated and having a great time, at least. But I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed if they can’t actually get inside to the event.” An attendee said. Others stood in line for four hours only to be turned away due to overcapacity and there were at least 8 transports to nearby hospitals due to heat and dehydration.

While there were reports of people and vendors running out of water and standing for hours in the miserable August Oklahoma heat, the general consensus of those in attendance was that it was a good time. Any negatives experienced by our team were overshadowed when it was announced that our partners had placed in the competition. We only hope next time the event will be hosted indoors.

You can contact Emerald Wholesale at their website or on Instagram. You can also contact Diamond Labs on Instagram and Head of Honey on their website. 

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