Live Resin Concentrates

Live Resin is the rising star among cannabis concentrates. This potent product is made using a technique that preserves the highly valuable cannabinoid and terpene profile. To make live resin, the cannabis plant is quickly frozen to subcritical temperatures immediately following harvest and kept at freezing temperatures during the extraction process. The result is a waxy, honey-like substance that is very high in terpenes, THC and other cannabinoids. This process not only preserves vital elements but also the unique fragrance of the flower being used. Just like the makers of fine wine, extraction methods vary among producers, but the simple elegance of the creation process is essentially the same.

According to Leafly, “Its humble origins stem back to between 2011-2013 with a small group of growers and extractors practicing out of Colorado. Among them, William Fenger, otherwise known as “Kind Bill,” and EmoTek Labs founder “Giddy Up” were the two pioneers largely coined with stabilizing and introducing live resin to the cannabis concentrate scene. They did this by developing a specialized BHO extractor capable of maintaining the incredibly low temperatures needed to produce live resin and combined that with their vision of using freshly frozen plant material for their extract. Together, these two were able to develop methods capable of extracting concentrates laden with very high levels of terpenes, on average much higher than the extracts produced using cured resins.”


How is Live Resin Used?

Live Resin concentrates are typically consumed by “dabbing” which involves the use of spoon shaped “dabber”, a water pipe called a “dab rig”, as well as a flat bowl called a “nail”. To consume the dab, preheat the nail with a butane torch. Once the nail reaches the ideal temperature (315 – 400 Fahrenheit) use the spoon-like dabber to drop a modest amount of resin onto the nail and inhale through the pipe end of the dab rig. Additionally, Live Resin can be consumed with a vape pen, or added to a bowl of flower in a regular glass pipe. It can also be added to baked goods and drinks, but as Live Resin is highly concentrated, research and great care should be taken beforehand to prevent unwanted dosing.


Live Resin is Not Right for Everyone

Since Live Resin is a concentrated THC-containing cannabis product, it may not be suitable for everyone. Although highly medicinal, cannabis concentrates are very potent and should not be the first choice of the new patient. The experts at GreenLeaf Solutions can help you determine if Live Resin or other cannabis concentrates is appropriate for your individual needs.

Last month, our dear friends (and producers of some gorgeous concentrates) Head of Honey and Diamond Labs took third place for Indica Concentrates in the Oklahoma High Times Cannabis Cup. We currently carry four concentrates, with three of them being Live Resin concentrates from Head of Honey and Diamond Labs. We take great pride in providing only the highest quality and award-winning products to our patients. All our products are tested and profiled and are available to view anytime upon request.

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