We love our patients! You’ve spoken and we’re listening.

There’s been a great deal of improvement since we opened just a few short weeks ago. We are so excited to announce that we have expanded our entire endocannabinoid wellness product selection.

We now have a wide variety of CBD and Full-Spectrum THC products so that you can take your medication in the way that best serves you. We have edibles, topicals, drink mixes, vape pens, bath bombs, tinctures, and we’ve expanded our variety of flower.

We are also dedicated to being sure that Oklahoma Medical Cannabis patients have the best quality products and education. Dr. Sherrock and Dr. Vaclaw spoke again in March at the Hopestone Cancer Support Center of Bartlesville about the many benefits of medical cannabis in Oklahoma.

In just the last few weeks we’ve also had a Patient Appreciation Day and two Medical Patient Drives.

The most recent patient drive was at Hopestone Cancer Support Center of Bartlesville where Dr. Sherrock and Dr. Vaclaw gave free medical evaluations for Cancer Patients and discounted evaluations for all other patients.

We’ve also started having Friendship Fridays! Bring a friend who’s a medical cannabis patient, and you both save 10%!

Spring is upon us! The next few weeks will certainly be great at GreenLeaf Solutions. Talk to our staff and let us know your needs.

And of course, if you know anyone in or around the Bartlesville, Oklahoma area. Please let them know about us. We’re conveniently located right on Highway 75 at the south end of Bartlesville.


We’ll see you soon!